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CHAPTER I:Personal Quest, Journey to Wholeness PDF Print E-mail


During my spiritual quest, I discovered the wonderful benefits of daily meditation. It helps master the mind by clearing and quietening it. Consequently, we become more aware of its influence on our life. We can be mindful of our powerful thoughts and emotions with more ease and clarity. This helps us generate more positive thoughts and emotions and use them constructively, for the benefit of all. Meditation also revitalizes us and brings balance to our body, mind and spirit. It allows us to experience stillness.

Stillness is like a pause, a slowing down of the impermanence and movement inside and outside of us. When we experience stillness, we can feel connected to the seen and unseen worlds, to our spiritual/energetic essence, to The Divine and the Creation spark within everything that is alive.

CHAPTER II: Life and Death PDF Print E-mail



‘ Everything is relative, this is the only absolute thing.’
Auguste Comte, philosopher

As for many things in life, age is relative. It depends on the perspective from which we look at things. It depends on how we live our life, and how we perceive life and its meaning. It depends on the beliefs we have. It depends on what we make of it all. I have met many ‘young people’ who thought and lived like very fearful and conservative ‘old people’, afraid of engaging in the exciting adventure that is life. I have also met many ‘old people’ who have kept their inner child alive and who are full of joy, curiosity, spontaneity and mischievousness. I have met or know about many wise and inspiring ‘young people’, and there are lots of them everywhere in the world! I have also met or know about very rigid and ignorant ‘old people’. Age is irrelevant regarding how we choose to live and what we create for ourselves, others and the planet.

From the perspective of this life, I could tell you I am in my forties.
From the perspective of living life believing that ‘today is a new day’, full of potentials, new beginnings, experiences and learning, I could tell you I am one day old.
From the perspective of my spiritual essence, I could tell you i am eternal.

At times,
I am a joyful and ingenuous,
a spontaneous, wild and free child.

At times,
I am a loving, compassionate
and caring mother, a nourisher
and a fearless protectress.

At times,
I am a wise and sharp,
strong and powerful old crone.

What about you?

CHAPTER III: The Power of Prayer, Ceremonies, Celebrations and Gatherings PDF Print E-mail


‘ There is only one word that can serve as a practical rule for our whole life – reciprocity.’
Confucius, philosopher

The Principle of ‘Ayni’ and Despachos Ceremonies

The whole shamanic tradition of the Q’ero nation, the descendants of the Incas whose shamanic tradition is a pre-Inca tradition, is based on the principle or law of ayni. Ayni means reciprocity and a balance between the energy life’s flow of giving and receiving. The principle of ayni means that we should give and show gratitude first, before we ask for something, so we may receive.
Like all shamans, the Laikas and Pacos (Q’ero shamans) envision the natural world as a creation, an expression and a part of The Divine. Their shamanic training and initiations are based on knowing, being well acquainted with and connected to all the natural and elemental forces and spirits, Mother Earth, the Universe, the world of spirit, healer and shaman lineage, spiritual helpers (guides, guardians, masters, teachers, ancestors, enlightened beings, archangels and angels), and The Divine. They consider themselves as instruments of The Divine, serving Mother Earth and all her Children – they experience that in Spirit we are all one. They work and live with great humility, respect and gratitude for all the gifts and support we are given by Spirit, Mother Earth and all Creation.

‘ If we have the right intentions, anything is possible.’
Hopi saying