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Mind Body Spirit/Photography

SHIFTS: Beyond the Visible embraces life in its luminous nature, wonder and beauty. It combines extraordinary photographs with a transformational journey in prose and poetry that supports balance, health and evolution. It is a ‘MUST’ for anyone who wishes to generate positive change and co-create a new world.

Beyond first appearances other realities exist which we are encouraged to engage with and reflect upon throughout the book. As many ancient spiritual teachings have highlighted for millennia and as Quantum Physics has demonstrated: from our atoms to the immensity of the cosmos, everything that exists is made up of light and vibration – different light intensities and frequencies. In life, the physical realm is connected with the unseen and shifting energetic realm of reality called the Otherworld in the Celtic tradition. A veil exists between these two worlds. These photographs capture remarkable moments of significance when this veil becomes thinner. They are illustrations of the different realms of existence which coexist and interact with each other in our universe, as well as of our interaction with them. They reveal how thoughts and emotions, intentions, beliefs and actions generate powerful subtle energies which are our constant acts of co-creation with all life. 

SHIFTS: Beyond the Visible is the combination of Ninna Gay’s journey and investigations as a photographer, an energy medicine practitioner and author. This inspiring work opens the eyes of readers to our potential wholeness as individuals and as members of many communities around the globe. It inspires us to become freer, more balanced, empowered and enlightened co-creators of this changing world. This innovative book gives us tools of self-transformation which enable us to become more active agent of positive change and shows us that we all have the ability and inner technology to create miracles, beauty and harmony for our greatest good and the greatest good of all.


In Part I: Photographs, shift photographs are accompanied with: - normal reference photographs showing what was visible in the same contexts and light conditions, most of the time with the same camera, film and photography programming; - quotes and poems; - brief captions describing the general contexts.

Part II: Reflections, contains three written chapters paralleling three photographic themes: – CHAPTER I: Personal Quest, Journey to Wholeness   – CHAPTER II: Life and Death   – CHAPTER III: The Power of Prayer, Ceremonies, Celebrations and Gatherings 


BOOK DETAILS: 8.5" by 11", 256 pages, 75 color and 23 B&W photographs, ISBN: 9781449063405, $35.60 USD (approximately €26) at Printing books on demand is a new sustainable way of printing books which avoids waste of paper and trees.

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