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The Beyond the Visible trilogy covers twelve years of Ninna Gay’s life and travels. These pioneering photographs unveil what happens at the unseen and shifting level of reality – where things are felt but not necessarily seen.

They reveal how thoughts and emotions, intentions, beliefs and actions generate powerful yet subtle energies which are our constant acts of co-creation with all through the uniting web of life. These unique photographs also exemplify that meditation, prayer and ceremony, celebration and meaningful gatherings can positively affect our individual and collective evolution on Earth. 

The Beyond the Visible trilogy invites you on a creative journey where you can expand your consciousness and engage with the wonder and unfolding beauty of life and its mysteries.

  • Beyond the Visible I (color photographs, landscape views).
  • Beyond the Visible II (color and black and white photographs, portrait views).
  • Beyond the Visible III (smaller black and white book).


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