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I am currently planning workshops in Ireland, Argentina and Italy for 2010/2011.


Celebrating Life and Creativity

This workshop will help you discover further who you are in your wholeness and what you need to acknowledge, transform or change in order to become a more balanced, and empowered co-creator of this changing world.

Throughout the workshop we will celebrate our uniqueness and the beauty of diversity. We will explore what we can transform in order to give life to the new insights our heart, body and spiritual essence are longing for. We will be working within a safe and sacred healing space that will connect us more deeply with all of Creation. Each day will start with a meditation allowing us to experience stillness, as well as connecting and increasing our vibrational frequency with the beautiful energies of both Mother Earth and The Heavens. It will be followed by a free dance session which will enable us to listen to our body and connect deeper with our heart and feelings, beyond mind and words. Then we will do various exercises involving enhancing our intuition and creativity as well as awakening new gifts and potential.


Like flowers humans were born to blossom,
to illuminate the world with many colors,
and perfume it with many enchanting scents.

Like birds humans were born to learn to fly,
to open their wings and freely rise,
to dance with Spirit and sing the song of life.

Like stones humans were born to collect energy,
nurture and be nurtured by Mother Earth,
to heal and remember how to live in harmony.

Like Water humans were born to flow,
to purify, to intuit, to feel and extend our senses,
and to give life to life with all its possibilities.

Like Fire humans were born to transmute,
to kindle and love the fire within and without
allowing our life force and spontaneity to spark.

Like the Earth humans were born to connect,
to manifest and embody life, to transform and grow
in balance with the whole, in beauty and in reciprocity.

Like the Air humans were born to change form
and move forward joining the Universe’s breath,
to express Spirit: being light, creative and free.

Like the Ether humans were born to exalt,
to transport, to transcend and to radiate
the magnificence of greatness and wholeness.

Like Spirit humans were born to love unconditionally,
to shine, to expand and co-create in oneness
celebrating life and its joy in a tender embrace.

Ninna Gay, SHIFTS: Beyond the Visible